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Climbing Wall

Submitted by: rodders
Hi all haven't done any climbing in a few weeks but been crnking away in the wall waiting for a day when the good weather coincides with a day I can climb.

I'll just get a wee plug in for marty as there seems to plenty of interest in the wall. He has the wall booked on tuesday nights and this is a good opportunity for new climbers and people who don't like coming in on there own like a saddo (like me!).£2.50 for climbers with there own stuff and £5.00 for those who need equipment/intruction.

Maybe some more colmcillers could come in and support this and also meet with newcomers in Marty's group who have expressed interest taking up climbing.

There is groing intereest in the wall (and climbing in general)and if we all pull in the right direction perhaps we NW climbers can retrieve a bit of ownership and control of the wall (from the council) and perhaps push for improvements and developments in the future


Photo of Route