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Easter Bunnies come out to Play

Date: Easter?
Submitted by: Alan Tees

On Easter Saturday morning, a hungover self and Andrew slipped down to Dunmore, in the hope that fresh air might improve the situation.  It didnt.  PC, Columba and Noel arrived, but we still managed to struggle up the usual routes.

On Monday Marty, PC and self, with a visitor, Nicola from North Wales, set off for Malin, but were turned back by the Donegal Rally.  Retreated to Dunowen, where Nicola led "Bogged", self "Himalayan Dream", Marty "My Friend John."  Phil Magill, Dave and friend arrived, and went to Brazil Rock, shortly followed by Dave Millar, who went to Dunowen wall with Nicola & PC, while Marty and self climbed every conceivable route on "Swanns Monument" (Correct local Name "The Crabs Claw").  Honeysuckle, Blondes, ans Angels were climbed at Dunowen Wall, but I am not sure what Phil & Co did at Brazil Rock.  This meet was unplanned but well attended.  Maybe we could unplan a few more!

Tuesday. Poorly attended planned meet.  PC, Pete Smith and self to Malin.  See Petes report.

Photo of Route