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Club Trip to Malin Beg

Date: 27th May 2006
Submitted by: Pete Smith

John and I arrived fairly late at Malin Beg for the scheduled Colmcille weekend trip. We got there at about 3pm on Saturday and some folks had already gone home by then (apparently).

We set up the tent and then wandered over to the climbing to see who was about. Emmett and George were busy on Flying Enterprise and said they'd been there since the morning (at Malin Beg, not on Flying Enterprise). Tone and Niall and Milo were on Neptune's Wall trying to dodge the waves.  No one else turned up on Saturday.

We had a nice campfire and a barbie and a good bit of craic followed by a sound sleep, and then John and I set off for Carraig for mass. If we'd known that it was first communion day we might have been a bit less virtuous because 1 hour 35 mins is too long however devout you might be!

When we got back to the tent, we discovered that Donna and Marty Ryan had turned up and there was a bit more climbing being done. Still, a pretty poor turn out for a good weekend in the height of the climbing season.

Tone kindly brought the waens up a V diff. That's my son John in the photo - a chip off the old block(?). 

Photo of Route