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Date: 25/26th June
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Colmcille 5th Airborne squadron were in action at the weekend at Barnesmore Gap on Sunday, and at Dunowen on Monday evening.  Hornbi Ridge, Locomotion, Head of Steam, Iron Horse, Jeepers Sleepers were all flown up, and Age of Excellence (Almost)! Although there were fine aerobatic displays by "Red Arrow" Ryan, and Flight Lt. Tees, the show was stolen by Air Commodore McConnell, who may have sustained some undercarriage damage in the process.   On Monday activities continued on Brazil Rock with Sandra Monaghan free falling (2 twists and a double axle) and "Top Gun" Cooper spending a long time taxiing around the rock, before getting off the ground on Zanzibar.  Rumours of several emergency landings were described as being "Malicious and greatly exaggerated."

Photo of Route