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Date: Oct 06
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Margaret & I spent 3 weeks trekking on the Singilila Ridge in West Bengal, and on the Kanchenjunga range in Sikkim.  Unfortunately the monsoons have been later in recent years, due presumably to global warming, which means that the previously stable weather of October is no longer.   The views from the Singalila Ridge of Everest etc were not in evidence, and the afternoons were very wet.  The weather was better in Sikkim, but the afternoons were cloudy, and our high point the Goecha La, was in cloud when we got there.  What we did see was fantastic, and the people were, as always, delightful.  A worthwhile trip despite all, but next time i will go in November, as recommended by our able guide Raja (who we hope will come to Ireland for the Oct MCI meet in Ballyliffin).

Photo of Route