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Carpet Baggers of Culdaff.

Date: 6/11/06
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Monday was a fine day, so Peter Cooper and self went to Stooges Wall, Dunowen, for a short frolic on the rock.  Peter led the easier stooge (Larry?) pausing only once to fall off, and I, grateful that I had not volunteered to lead, struggled up after him. Tricky enough in November!  Peter then topped the arete beside it, before we relocated an old carpet, dumped at Dunowen, to the bottom of Ivy Slalom, Dunmore, to keep the brambles down and provide a softer landing for Pete Smith, should he decide to climb there again.  It was wet and bloody heavy, and I think I might have strained my aging back lifting it.  Serves you right says Pete Smith for being a smart ass! 

Photo of Route