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Short Day at Barnesmore Gap

Date: 19th August 2007
Submitted by: George Carleton

On Sunday the 19th August a number of us decided to take a chance on the weather and made the trip up to Barnesmore Gap for a wee bit off climbing, and that’s just what we got a wee bit.

Sandra and I were the first to arrive, we quickly got our gear sorted and started up Iron Horse** 40m VS 4b a superb route with great friction and spot on for the grade.

Alan, Andrew and Joe appeared shortly after us. Andrew also led Iron Horse followed by Joe and then PJ when she arrived.Sandra and I then climbed Age of Excellence*** 40m VS 4c. Alan had just cleaned this climb exposing a crucial hold at the crux, which I was very grateful for when I reached that point.

Instead of veering left at the top I continued straight up the corner of the slab, with a wee bit of a run out gives the climb an interesting alternative finish.

By now the sun was breaking through the clouds and the midges beginning to disperse, unfortunately the land owner appeared and politely but firmly asked us to leave which we did cutting short a promising days climbing.

Photo of Route