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Calorie Crimes

Date: 13/04/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

On a hot, sunny, day (tropical you might say), 4 children and 3 adults (Miller, Cooper, Brennan) arrived at Augnish Point on Cruit for a spot of Vertical Pleasure. The children set up camp on the sandy beach, rules were set as to how much of the picnic they could eat, Which they duly ignored!

Anyways, whilst this crime was being committed the 3 adults abbed down to the non tidal platform and climbed Grin, and thankfully the grade was confirmed at Severe. After a quick check on the aforementioned Gannets on the beach, we descended the seaward face and once again Neptune was mildy unamused at our presence, so we departed for The Albatoss Buttress further round the coast.

We had a cunning plan at Albatross Buttress to add a tricky new route but first decided to whisk up Albatross, "HVS, my erse" was the cry as wee lobbed of the crux! Whilst this airtime was being had the youngest and OLDEST BY FAR members of the party bounded up a new line far from the nautical action.

At 1805hrs the rain came in torrents (monsoon you could say) and mounds of wet gear, children and adults departed some smiling some not as the on going case of the missing sweeties (mine) was never fully resolved. :-)

Photo of Route