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Wall Update

Date: 21/10/08
Submitted by: Alan Tees

I was at a poorly attended meeting at DCC offices. One representative from Wrestling, one from Judo, one from ILEX and myself, plus Alison from Sport NI and Barry from DCC.  The good news is the wall will almost certainly happen, the bad news is, when.  Work due to start in 2011 after, what would appear to be, a mountain of work and red tape.  2013 maybe?

Angela Carlin rang me to say that Mike Shea, the guy who set up and runs the best wall in Ireland in Dingle (An Dangan) is interested in a similar set up in Derry.  I mentioned this to Barry, and whilst they cannot include private enterprise in this project, he would be keen to help set up an interim facility, which he feels would develope clientele for the Waterside Wall when complete.  This might happen before I am too old to use it, so I will get Mike to contact Barry asap!

The other sports appear to be confident that the wall will make the whole enterprise commercially viable. 

Photo of Route