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Never Ending Summer.

Date: 01/01/09
Submitted by: Iain Miller

The mid Winter tropical climate continues un-abated.

11am on the 1st of January and a cunning plan was hatched, a swift tour of the Crags of Cruit. A mobile mountain rescue unit in the form of Noble Brother Martin Boner and we were off.

Our starter for ten was the Farmhouse Crag, nipped up the three grooves in the middle of the face, Climbed before?? Happy Bunnies! Fully warmed up now and seeking Shomething Shpiicer and so "Cruiticle" was next to go, awarding the beast 2 stars for the tussle and ourselves zero pionts for style as we jammed through the crux. :-(

A swift jaunt across the island and Albatros buttress was next on the menu. And lo, Noble Brothers Drew and Paul, (and a young lady in a red hat, who, to my shame, can't recall her name) were in attendance, having travelled the width of Ulster, to savour the sunny Delights of cruit. Cheers for the sling, alas it's not mine? Anyways, I digress, we nipped up Aquamarine and moved on.

Our final apointment for the day was The Far West Buttress, alas the sun was starting to dip, the Buttress was plummeting in temperature and beginning to feel a bit Gothic. "Less than Average Contents" and the superb Offwidth to it's right were "sent," (dispatched in due course) HURRA!  


Photo of Route