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Youung Tigers wet themselves at Dunseverick

Date: 25 September 2011
Submitted by: Alfie Conn

The title is a BIT misleading. Last week, having debated agism in the club, I feel I presented a case for being considered a young tiger. Being unable to get out on the Saturday and having been forced to rise early on the Sunday, by world cup schedules, I met  Trevor in the car park at Dunseverick. He had seen Argentina beat Scotland and could take no more excitement for the day so we walked to the Eastern end of the crag and scrambled down to do something easy. "Right Branch " and "Jormungand" followed. I had forgotten the steep finish of the former and the deceptivly tricky crack at the start of the former but all were accomplished without a drama. A few spots of rain soon suggested an early departure for home . Worth getting out thouugh

09 Oct 2011

Always worth getting out mate, whatever your age :)

10 Oct 2011

Hi Alfie, was up doing the Causeway half marathon last sat, but couldn't stop on was past top of dunseverick as I was having trouble breathing and weezing like a chainsmoker with legs of lead. Was glad of rain to cool down!

10 Oct 2011

Well done Keith, good effort.

10 Oct 2011

Old wheezers still at it! Well done climbers and runners

Photo of Route