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Four new routers at Crag X

Date: 16th April 2005
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Pete the Coop, Brian Wing Commander, Alan Tees and I arrived at Crag X on a pleasant overcast Saturday to do some of the 100 or so new routes that we expect this spot to yield.

We were not disappointed. I put up a short-but-perfect VD (photo) and Pete the Coop carved out a delicate and courageous HVS to the left of this - a route where the handholds seldom exceed half an inch and some of the toe holds are minuscule.

Alan had been "cleaning" while this was going on, so I joined him to follow up a couple of good VSs, which will be very good when they have had the choss and plants shaken from them!

We had a good afternoon; I was involved in 4 new lines, Pete and Brian did a couple or three more after this; and some brave, pioneering was undertaken by Alan and Peter.

Photo of Route