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Rodders at Dunmore Head

Date: 24/04/05
Submitted by: Rodders
......So anyway there I was, 20 feet of the ground, standing on tiny foot ledge, with a novice belayer, legs beginning to shake, abandoned by my only friend (size 0.0 which popped out) facing a certain messy end on the ground below. Some drunken local youths tried to give me some moral support by shouting supportive and helpful things like "come on Spiderman, ha ha ha!” (This struck me as rather ironic, as people regard the outdoor pursuits as having numerous social benefits, such as getting young people away from such antisocial activities like driving around drunk and shouting abuse at climbers. However at that instance it appeared to me that they were having a lot more fun than me and perhaps had the right idea.)

Anyway, so there I was in impending doom, with my feet aching as they tried to expand against the restrictive confides of my undersized climbing boots, the sun burning the back of my neck, the locals with their superhero taunts and not a gear placement in sight. Oh yeah did I mention this was on Shining Cossacks? Don’t laugh people do die on HVS you know! And then out of the blue, hope appeared where there was none, as none other than the webmaster himself, colmcillers’ very own secretary Pete Smith arrived! After having a good laugh at my predicament (these things are always funnier from the ground), He kindly lowered me an abseil rope which I gratefully accepted with my rock boots at this point needing surgically removed as they contorted my feet. Any way thankfully I survived with only my ego bruised. I guess I’ll have to do more pull ups to climb 5a!

On a positive note, I managed to climb the excellent Diversion HS and Calamity Collins VS. Before heading off to MacGrorys for a well deserved Pint of the black stuff! Thanks again Pete! Rodders.

Photo of Route