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Quick Visit to Dunmore Head

Date: 14th May 2005
Submitted by: Pete Smith
It was an optimistic impulse that made me ring Peter Cooper, father of 3 day old Tola, to see if he was going to a crag today. Optimism is a good thing, though, a happy instinct that keeps us climbing in this wet island, instead of taking up paddling. "Of course I'll be at the rock", said Peter, "I'm bringing Harbhi".

Personally, with my sore finger, I was looking for a soft day (even softer than usual), so I was happy enough when he told me that Emmett and Brian were meeting at Dunmore Head. I arranged to tag along for a couple of routes and then wander off to photograph the peregrine (see? optimism).

That was pretty much what happened. Emmett led Diversion and we followed him up. Then Brian led Orange Blossom while Peter Cooper was pushing Harbhi across the bog in a buggy. Three of us seconded this route watched by the beautiful Harbhi. Bags I get her as a belayer when she's old enough to start climbing (no jokes about ballast, please).

Emmett then led Peapob in double quick time and I went to capture the peregrine on film. I failed, though I did see a pair of choughs and I was pleased about that.

Just a brief footnote: there were 4 climbers at the crag when we arrived and they all expressed an interest in joining the Colmcillers if they were able to meet our demanding entrant criteria. They were ugly, so I told 'em to sod off. Emmett is a Dubliner living in Buncrana, and like our Tresh, he is an Aberystwyth graduate. He'll be an asset to the club - enthusiastic and competent (seems like a nice chap, too, but I don't want to embarrass him on a public webshite).

Photo of Route