Remembrance Sunday

  • 8Jeremy and I met at 9am  by Leenan beach. I had a map, a compass and a GPS. I also had a fit guide who knew where we were going. Jeremy was less well equipped; he had me.

After a short walk along a nearly level road we encountered our first nearly impassable obstable.  Luckily Jeremy had dealt with it before and opened the gate. Despite my attempts to slow him down it didn’t seem long until we were near the top.  Jeremy stopped to look at the view. I tried to pick up my lungs which I had coughed into the heather. 

It was a brief trot to the site of the wellington’s 1941 crash. There is a geocache here, some debris, a wheel strut and a small memorial cross. Although it was only 10.30, I left a poppy and we left.

Despite my best efforts to go downhill, my guide said we should go up. I have to admit he was right but I remembered why I prefer climbing to walking.

We were soon back at the cars with my reputation, for finishing early, intact. 

Thank you for the directions Jeremy and thank you to 5 airmen for me not being on a wanderweg. 


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