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Remembrance Sunday

  • 8Jeremy and I met at 9am  by Leenan beach. I had a map, a compass and a GPS. I also had a fit guide who knew where we were going. Jeremy was less well equipped; he had me.

After a short walk along a nearly level road we encountered our first nearly impassable obstable.  Luckily Jeremy had dealt with it before and opened the gate. Despite my attempts to slow him down it didn’t seem long until we were near the top.  Jeremy stopped to look at the view. I tried to pick up my lungs which I had coughed into the heather. 

It was a brief trot to the site of the wellington’s 1941 crash. There is a geocache here, some debris, a wheel strut and a small memorial cross. Although it was only 10.30, I left a poppy and we left.

Despite my best efforts to go downhill, my guide said we should go up. I have to admit he was right but I remembered why I prefer climbing to walking.

We were soon back at the cars with my reputation, for finishing early, intact. 

Thank you for the directions Jeremy and thank you to 5 airmen for me not being on a wanderweg. 


All Hallows Day

Chris and I went to Malin Head today. Having looked at the weather forecast for the last couple of days I thought Nobble Amphitheatre was our best bet.

It was soaking. So we did the bad weather default and did the top pitch of Cutting Edge instead. Quite impressive in the Cauldron with waves halfway up Stelfox slab.

The unbelieveable bit is that, for the first time this year, I was too warm!

What a weekend!

What a weekend it was.
Both the men’s and women’s rugby teams ran rampant and we had a warm day climbing at Dunseverick. To my surprise the bottom of the crag was wet, there must have been big seas in the days before although it was almost calm on Sunday. Lots of routes done with nine people turning up, amazing what sunny weather does! They were
Aaron, Alan B, Alfie, Anise, Damien, George, Gerard, Ken and Margaret
Anis tested his gear and I lost weight (well left half my gear at home.) Hopefully all weekends this year will be as successful.

Remarkably Warm Bay Point

6 of us met for coffee at Cafe Tees, in Culdaff, with snow still lying on the hills and mist in the air. Alan, Geoff, Andy, Paul, Damien and myself were going to visit Warm Bay, ostensibly to explore but there was quite a lot of climbing gear in evidevidence. Despite it being my idea to go, I was the one who drove past the parking spot but found it second time round. Soon we were sauntering across the fields, descending the steep spur and sitting below the crag.
It was a great little sun trap, sheltered from the wind and the crag was dry.
Paul and I explored while the others set up a top rope and looked suspiciously as if they planned to use it! Indeed they did. Despite it seeming as if it was April, the rock was on the cool side and soon there were murmurings about finishing up Mittalegi Blues.
Alan and Damien set off to the start. Geoff and Andy looked doubtful and took their time. Paul and I were resolutely ground based. It started to sleet. Everyone decided Paul and I had a point.
The first Donegal rock climbing of the year?

Another Visit To Dunseverick

Aaron showed more optimism than I was feeling after the wind practically blew me off my feet in the carpark.
We got down into the bowl above the cliff and found ourselves in the lee. Sadly the swell was yet again quite adventurous but it was still possible to get to the Eastern most routes. Having run out of rock we went home. Not a bad day. It is October after all.