About Us

We are a group of rock-climbers, mountaineers and hill-walkers. Originally based in Derry, Northern Ireland, we now have members across the province, and further field in Ireland and abroad. 

Climbing mainly takes place in Co. Donegal, but as you will see, our members go climbing all over the world. You can see photos from such far-flung spots as Canada, Nepal, India, Tibet, South America, China, France, Italy and Switzerland as well as Derry, Donegal, Inishowen, Fairhead, Sligo and the Mournes. Anyone can join the club – don’t wait for us to ask.

Contact Us
If you would like to get in contact with the club, to join us at the wall, at the crag, or on the hill, there are several ways you can contact us.

Email club secretary Alan Tees at alanwtees@gmail.com

Who we are

Hon. President  Pete Smith
Club Secretary  Alan Tees
Club Chairperson  Geoff Thomas
Environmental Officer  Anthony Feeney
Treasurer  Dennis Golden
Training Officer  Keith Monaghan
Child Protection Officer  Pamela Jane Feeney