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Inishowen Peninsula
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Binion Crags - Clonmany C364491 Details
Crummies Bay (Port Na Sionnach) C288402 Details
Culdaff (Dunmore Head) Left Crags. C550498 Details
Culdaff (Dunmore) Finbarr Wall C357500 Details
Culdaff - Dunmore Head C550498 Details
Culdaff - Dunowen (Brazil Rock) C536513 Details
Culdaff - Dunowen (Campsite Area) C536513 Details
Culdaff - Dunowen (Pinnacle Bay) C536513 Details
Culdaff - Galavoir Point C536519 Details
Doagh Island 5138 Details
Dungloon (Kinnego) C630470 Details
King Mintiagh (Barnanmore) C393410 Details
Leenan Head C296465 Details
Malin Head (Bamba's Island C397597 Details
Malin Head (Bamba\'s Buttress) C39xxxx Details
Malin Head (Devil's Bridge Area) C383590 Details
Malin Head (First Headland) Details
Malin Head (Magdalen Walls) 3895 5950 Details
Malin Head (Sea Area Malin) C383592 Details
Malin Head (The cauldron) C386592 Details
Malin Head (Uncle Monty's) C38195884 Details
Malin Head ,Skildren Mor. C383592 Details
Malin Head - Nobble Amphitheatre C391595 Details
Malin Head The Bow C 388 594 Details
Malin Laundry 38745 5944 Details
Mountain Bike routes Inishowen Sheet 3 Details
Port A Doris C686437 Details
Tremone Bay C596478 Details
Warm Bay Point C60844726 Details
North Donegal
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Ben Cormac (Lough Barra) B926125 Details
Bingorm Central (Lough Barra) B941143 Details
Bingorm East (Lough Barra) B940145 Details
Bingorm West (Lough Barra) B932141 Details
Black Zawn (Breaghy Head) 053377 Details
Croc an affrain C241298 Details
Errigal B928207 Details
Glenveigh/Glenlack B995192 Details
Horn Head B989405 Details
Melmore - Boyeeghter Bay C122433 Details
Melmore- Altweary Bay C133 445 Details
Melmore- Rosses Point C114 433 Details
Melmore-Lough Beg C124 442 Details
Muckish (Balor's Buttress) C008292 Details
Muckish (McSwyne's Buttress) C009292 Details
Poisoned Glen (Ballaghageeha Buttress) Details
Poisoned Glen (Bearnas Buttress) Details
Poisoned Glen (Creag Na Mbreac) B924180 Details
Poisoned Glen (Last Small Buttress). B937168 Details
Poisoned Glen (The Castle) Details
Poisoned Glen (Trinity Buttress) Details
Poisoned Glen (West Buttress) B939165 Details
Poisoned Glen, Guinness Walls 896180 Details
Pollnalong C083405 Details
Rocky Gap B932155 Details
Slieve Snaght B923155 Details
South Donegal
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Barnesmore Gap - Biddy's Buttress H032854 Details
Barnesmore Gap - McDaid's Buttress H032854 Details
Eglish (Ceasefire Wall) G952882 Details
Eglish (Easter Wall) G952882 Details
Eglish (Far Easter Wall) G953889 Details
Eglish (Middle Easter Wall) G953889 Details
Eglish (The Gatepost) G952880 Details
Eglish - Glenbrittle Wall G945888 Details
Eglish - Teardrop Wall G952882 Details
Eglish Valley - The Outpost G945888 Details
Eglish, Kitchen Wall 953876 Details
Glascairns Hill G982925 Details
Lough Belshade (Belshade Buttress) G975901 Details
Lough Belshade (Blaeberry Buttress) G983900 Details
Lough Belshade (High Crags) G983900 Details
Lough Belshade (Two Tier Buttress) G975901 Details
Lough Belshade, Red Gully G976903 Details
West Donegal
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Carrickfinn - Harbour crag ??? Details
Carrigan Head (Black Rock) 565750 Details
Crohy Head South B740060 Details
Dawros Head G655987 Details
End's of the Earth Crag G567912 Details
Island View 8029 Details
Malinbeg (Alba Wall) 490795 Details
Malinbeg (Duan Head) G496795 Details
Malinbeg (Main West Wall) G490795 Details
Malinbeg (Narrow Zawn) G490795 Details
Malinbeg (North End) G490795 Details
Malinbeg (Prawn Zawn) G490795 Details
Malinbeg (South End) G490795 Details
Malinbeg (The Island) G490795 Details
Muckross Head G617735 Details
Port Bay G546882 Details
Rathlin O'Byrne 490795 Details
Sail Rock G558750 Details
Skelpoonagh Bay G516857 Details
Sturrall Headland G524882 Details
Islands and Sea Stacks
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Aranmore Island B654193 Details
Cruit Island - Albatross Sea Wall B730207 Details
Cruit Island - Albatross Zawn B731207 Details
Cruit Island - Aughnish Point B721204 Details
Cruit Island - Back To Black Wall B726202 Details
Cruit Island - Black Wall B722204 Details
Cruit Island - Block Wall B722203 Details
Cruit Island - Cruit Cave B726229 Details
Cruit Island - Deep Gash Crag B728215 Details
Cruit Island - Far West Buttress B729207 Details
Cruit Island - Farmhouse Crag B732217 Details
Cruit Island - Flying Wedge Wall B725202 Details
Cruit Island - Forgotten Wall B724204 Details
Cruit Island - Frankonian Wall B722204 Details
Cruit Island - Golfers Crag B727229 Details
Cruit Island - Inis Oileantraigh B737217 Details
Cruit Island - Jock's Wall B726220 Details
Cruit Island - Lost Wall B726203 Details
Cruit Island - New Dawn Wall B727206 Details
Cruit Island - Scalpachore Wall. West Face B728213 Details
Cruit Island - Silent Wall B732215 Details
Cruit Island - The Outdoor Climbing Wall B725206 Details
Cruit Island - Torboy B725465 Details
Cruit Island - Traderg Wall Area B731212 Details
Cruit Island - Wall of Winter sun B723204 Details
Cruit Island - Wave Wall B727206 Details
Cruit Island - Western Island B726215 Details
Cruit Island - Zinken Wall B727215 Details
Cruit Island- Fogg Wall B725206 Details
Cruit Island- New Dawn Wall B727206 Details
Fogg Wall B725206 Details
Gola - Binatoke Back Wall B759273 Details
Gola - Binatoke NE Wall B759273 Details
Gola - Binatoke SW Wall B759273 Details
Gola - Binn an Rosuailt B763271 Details
Gola - Easter Wall 266758 Details
Gola - Gripple Wall B763271 Details
Gola - Inland Crag B761274 Details
Gola - Island Wall B757272 Details
Gola - Island Zawn B758273 Details
Gola - John’s Wall B757266 Details
Gola - Main Wall B760271 Details
Gola - Mhachaire na nGall Walls B764271 Details
Gola - Narrow Zawn B762271 Details
Gola - NW Zawn Area B762275 Details
Gola - NW Zawn End Wall B761275 Details
Gola - Owey Wall B758272 Details
Gola - Scoilt Uí Dhugáin B763276 Details
Gola - South Walls B759265 Details
Gola - South West Corner 268 755 Details
Gola - Southside Buttress B763268 Details
Gola - Torglass Island B756266 Details
Gola - Twin Cave Buttress Area B759272 Details
Illanamarve - Inis Bo Finne Island B884373 Details
Owey - Fluted Buttress Details
Owey Island (East) B719234 Details
Owey Island (West) B709228 Details
Owey Island, Torglass Offshore Area 708225 Details
Sea Stack: Humped Ridge Stack B641155 Details
Sea Stacks and Pinnacles various Details
Tor Na Dumhcha 803304 Details
Tory Island B852472 Details
Umfin Island B766284 Details
Northern Ireland
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Dunsevrick C988446 Details
Ramore Head, Portrush 853410 Details
Runkerry 934434 Details
The Crow's Nest 359 989 Details
Crag Name Map Reference Link
Annach Re Mhor G 711 436 Details
Ben Bulben F609407 Details
Cooney Rock Details
Happy Valli Crag 650263 Details
Hawk Rock Details
Roskeeragh Point 686562 Details
Scalp na gCapail 642278 Details
Union Woods - Union Wall G682286 Details