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Corrán Tuathail Outing

Date: 13th-15th May 2005
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
A total of seven of us (Noel, Mary O'Reilly, Micky, Eamonn, Tom, Catherine McCormack, Mary McKeown and self) made it to Killarney. In addition, there were three babies but Catherine was selfless and she opted to do the baby sitting. The rest of us headed off for Corrán Tuathail. The weather was brilliant (not often that happens) and we easily made it up to the Eagle's nest. From there we tidied up Con's Emergency Hut, wrote and entry into the hut's diary and had a brief lunch break.

At this point Noel and I headed up the Heavenly Gate route towards the base of Howling Ridge. After a shaky start Noel and I topped out and we then explored the upper Cliffs on the Eastern Face. These contain some really good scrambling opportunities from small rocky outcrops and Pippet's Ridge. It was the first time that I saw into the upper left hand branch of Collin's Gully (unclimbed). Meanwhile the remainder of the group headed up through the high glens to Brother O'Shea's Gully. From the Bheinn Caorách Ridge they then turned up the hill to the summit. Noel and I eventually joined them on the summit. I rang Marty but he was too busy hanging on to something on the Cuillin Ridge in Skye to answer.

Anyway, we descended towards the Bheinn Caorách Aréte. For safety, we took the lower track for about 50 metres and then scrambled up to the crest. Tom, Micky and I returned on the crest to the start of the aréte and we then skylined the ridge to Bheinn Caorách's summit. From there we took a rather interesting but very long detour across the remaining tops towards the carpark and the amber nectar. A great weekend was had by all.

Photo of Route