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Pollnalong Weekend "Camping" Trip

Date: 28th/29th May 2005
Submitted by: Pete Smith

We set off on a totally horrible Saturday morning for a weekend climbing at Pollnalong near Downings, Donegal. The wind was about force 8, and forecast to reach storm 10, and the rain was coming down by the bucketload. Luckily we had a nice comfy house to keep us warm and dry, though the 16 people at the campsite were not so lucky and had to erect tents before they could be as cosy!

On Sunday the sun came out and Geoff Thomas and I met Donna, Rosie, Peter Cooper and Brian Wigham at the crag. Unfortunately, Geoff was feeling the effects of his back injury and we opted out of the climbing and left the others to have a great day at the crag (I hope). Perhaps they'll submit their own report soon.

Photo of Route