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1st Trip to Fairhead (Brian and Peter's big day out)

Date: 26/06/2005
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
Brian Wingham and self finally got our 'Fairhead Wings'. Plans were hatched between Dave Millar and myself in the Malin Hotel on Saturday evening. Mine and Brian's guides to the approach from the National Trust car park were the Dubliners Ronan Browner and Howard Hebblethwaite (Fairhead, and elsewhere, pioneers), who got us to the Prow. I wasted a fair amount of time getting gripped on 'Sabre Rattler' before retiring and succeeding on the harder 'Stone Mad', which I felt was mettle-testing stuff for a first Fairhead lead. Brian admitted to being mildly impressed, though not too much. Dave showed in good time accompanied by his hang-over. Brian's lead of the VS next to 'Sabre Rattler', which needed cleaning on lead, was a bold lead for the grade. Dave led us up 'Midnight Cruiser' and 'Railroad', two stiff fairly unremitting E1's. Brian and myself admitted to being greatly impressed! The weather was fantastic and the company was great, a very fine day out and a long overdue first trip for both me and Brian.

Photo of Route