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June Welsh Trip

Date: 25th-27th June 2005
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
Noel and I got the boat and headed for Snowdonia. Made it to Tryfan at 2am and slept in the car overnight. We awoke to a rainy morning and a cloudy day. It could have been anywhere in Ireland. Reached the 'Bunkhouse' and it was that. Next time I will bring my camping gear. We left and got into the Llanberis Hostel, a big fryup, shower and then Tryfan's NE Ridge. Good stuff and the cobwebs were shook out.

My excellent navigation skills on the summit of Tryfan led us back down the NE Ridge. Noel pointed this out and we went off on a SSW direction to ascend Bristly Ridge. It was good on a sunny day but today was much better with the fog in. We made the Cantilever stone in thick fog and then down for a pint.

Sunday saw us having a quieter day (Noel had to make the boat) so we went up Crib Goch. The sun broke the rocks and we both got burned. As usual the scrambling was great. Noel amde the boat in excellent time.

Monday was great weather sunshine all day. Colin and Tom made it from Liverpool and we went to the Idwal Slabs. Great fun and loads of stuff available. The rock is generally very rough but thousands of boots have smoothed some parts of it. In true style of a 100 years ago, Colin and Tom made a 460 foot ascent of 'Ordinary Route' with nothing more than a 30m rope and 1 sling. I got a sun tan cragging freestyle the first pitches of all the lower routes. A great day to end a great weekend.

Photo of Route