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Malin Beg

Date: 12/06/05
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
Brian Wingham, Emmett Johnson and myself got down to Malin Beg having chosen to avoid possible showers in the Bluestacks. None of us had been there before so it was with trepidation and excitement that Emmett, having got the short straw, keenly set-off on the day's first climb 'The Bosun's Ladder'. Brian led 'Hydrophobia', I got the next lead; a new line called 'Rabid Puffin'. Emmett picked the very testing 'Salmon Pink' as his next lead, after a couple of reverses he committed and got the prize. Brian then led 'Scuppered' and I got the last lead of the day on 'Swell' which is a bit of a 'one-mover'. The weather stayed great and the day was finished off with fish 'n' chips at Killybegs. Photos, alas not of Killybegs, to be submitted.

Photo of Route