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Crocanaffrain daytrip

Date: 13/07/05
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
Having convinced Geoff that Crocanaffrain was a worthwhile venue, I left Inishowen on the Buncrana-Rathmullan ferry crossing Lough Swilly as a footpassenger (though that should be feetpassenger as I do have a pair of foot) and met up with the evenly footed Geoff at Rathmullan Pier. Keen as mustard, despite the drizzle and clouds, we hot footed it straight to the.... nearest coffee shop An Stad. The weather did improve and we got up to the Crag around 12.30. Initial soundings from Geoff were poor but as he encountered more of the crag his mood improved; it's a long trip from Omagh. First route was a new HVS at the foot of the descent route (in the guide), Geoff then led 'Nut Scratcher'(not in the guidebook, see on-line guide) and then we got 2 more new routes done; both of which Geoff felt were fun routes. In memory of Geoff's long gone, initial, blues the last route is 'Geoff's barely Contained Indifference'. The total number of reported routes now has gone up to 19 at this crag and as the guide book says there's plenty of scope for further development. After we got down to Rathmullan we had a quick Guiness, while I waited for the Ferry's last sailing of the day. The use of the ferry really made it feel like an adventure for me and a pleasant sail back across to Inishowen completed a great day out. Those that know me are aware that it's the new routing that makes me tick, so no apologies for what may seem like trumpet-blowing; it's just the kind of climbing I enjoy after years of climbing everyone else' routes in Yorkshire.

Photo of Route