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Submitted by: Yorks Corrspondent
Couldn't keep this to myself, while I having been living on the, nicely, remote Inishowen Peninsular changes will have inevitably taken place around the Leeds area, I'd like to share some of climbing related changes with you. On the M62 motorway is a new (to me) shopping and adventure complex containing it's own skateboarding park, real snow ski slope, a climbing wall and ice-climbing wall! All at a cost mind, I'm told the ski slope is £20/hr and the ice-wall is £12.50/hr. There's an Ellis Brigham shop inside so huge that I came out suffering 'kit-blindness' after only 5 minutes, I had begun to find Derry's Tiso's overwhelming lately but this is altoghether different. The Leeds Wall has been significantly extended and features automated belay devices for the Nobby No Mates (which wil probably include myself), but none of this is a patch on St.Columb's park I assure you; honest. I feel like a real green-horn amongst all this big city stuff now and people are looking at me strangely for pointing at aeroplanes?

Photo of Route