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Saturday at Crohy Head

Date: 15th May 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Sally Cook and I joined the happy campers at Crohy Head for the Saturday only. When we got there Martin and Mary were putting up their tent (well, Marty was, anyway) and Margaret, Alan and Andy Pandy were already well settled for a peaceful weekend in the sun.

Geoff Thomas arrived as we changed and he joined Sally and me as we walked over to the crags to start climbing. Unfortunately, the tide was in and we had a bit of a pallaver getting to the routes, but eventually we climbed (in perfect, hot sunshine) Ghostie, Jaws, Rockhopper and a possible new route near My Fair Lady (led by Geoff at about VS).

On return to the campsite we found Donna and Marty Ryan (and family) and Mark and Colleen McGuigan. On the way home we passed Geoff's wife Helen, but only recognised her at the last minute, so couldn't here's a wave for Helen....Cooooeeee!

Photo of Route