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Date: 08/08/05
Submitted by: Rodders
On sunday, Dave, Frasier and Myself (rodders) visited Fairhead. It was a scorching day and my first proper visit to Fairhead in 5 years (ok I was at Farrangadoo in 2003 but that doesn't really count!). I forgot how awsome the place is, its even better than culdaff!

Dave led an Beginners minds E1 followed by Frazier and myself. at this point I should have released I can't jam or bridge for shite (too much time spent doing stupid things like pull ups and squares!), but ever the optimist I tried Faith mo Burtha E1 5B, which chewed me and my crap jamming skills up and spat me out half way up! After a couple of falls (my first in 5 years as well, probably the highlight of my day!) I decided to lower off rather than spend the rest of the day aid climbing.

Frazier then showed me how its done by leading the Black thief VS 4b followed by myself. Dave led the route for the "aspiring hard man" GBH E3 6a, taking a fall (a hard mans fall mind you, not a girly "I can't do it take me" one like mine!) followed by Ian Chesnut who arrived.

We then headed to Ballycastle for a nice pint and headed home. Even though I didnt have my best climbing day It was great to be back at Fairhead, surely the best crag in the land! I mean there's just so many classic routes to back off, er I mean climb.


Photo of Route