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Rodders at Dunmore again!

Date: 4th September 2005
Submitted by: Rodders
Went back to my favourite crag on sunday and did Oxo in October severe, a quality climb with a wonderfully exposed finish.

I also managed an ascent of the seldom climbed "the Wurtzler" E2 6a, which takes the big roof to the left of Colamity Colins. This is route I've had my eye on for a while but has always looked impossible. However once you get the gear placed at the edge of the roof (pretty tricky for shorties and pretty scary as you're hanging upside down from your feet!), and come down for a shake out, psych- up (which takes 2 hours if your me!) and sort your ropes out (which is a nightmare), its more like a boulder problem (mind you a hard one!) and really safe. Hopefully now a mere mortal (ie. without a surname like Dunlop, Millar, Rea, Cooper etc.) like myself has done it, it will get more ascents, before the hovering block goes and it becomes an E5!

Photo of Route