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Sea Area Malin

Date: Monday 5th Sept.
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Beautiful day, I dont work Mondays (Gloat,gloat)and Margaret has a new pair of rock boots, so we went to try them out, and did a couple of new routes. Finis-Stair V.Diff 40M and Sweet Rock All. 40 M (probably 4b or c). Bill Bailey will follow as soon as LeClerc-Gigot is available. Anyway what is that snivelling Welsh Creep complaining about? Chossy routes at Warm Bay? Some great routes there, but we admittedly did add 3 chossy ones on Saturday! Opening Gambit, Diff 8M(Peter McConnells first lead, which he then soloed)The Knave V.Diff,and The Bee-Eater. M.S. All on the cliff above Punic Palace.

Photo of Route