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Barnanmore (The Minch)

Date: 28th July 2005
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
I know that it is a bit late. But better late than never. Noel and I took a wee swaney up the Minch late in the evening. Facing westerly, it is always best to climb it in the evening as it is dried out then and the rock is usually quite good. We cleaned and climbed a few loose and hairy routes. Then we checked out a few possibilities on the crags to the left of Jackdaw Gully.

Noel led a new route 'Tepee Groove' (Severe). It is about 10 metres high. I followed him up. Initially, we went up the centre of the crag and did options from left and right flanks. All exit points were the same. As with all climbs on the Minch, it has its moments. Noel's comment afterwards was that it was the first time that he had climbed an Indian Tent. Then we went pinting.

Photo of Route