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Recent Welsh Stuff

Date: October 2005
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
No need for a futher account of Pete and Antony's adventure, so I'll provide the lazyman's account for the Welsh weekend. Pete's Eats, Pete's Eats and the Curry House in Llanberis; preceeded and followed by beer. A leisurely trip down following my friend Bob's birthday in Leeds, the previous evening, too late to join in on any great adventures in the Ogwen Valley, or so we thought. After a pint of tea in Pete's eats I found myself owning 2 brand new Beal climbing ropes, for a very good price, from V12 (sometimes working has it's advantages). The ropes were duly Christened on a minor slate classic 'German Schoolgirl',getting drizzled on by rain 1/2 way up added to the atmoshere; these were not classic conditions for on-sighting a slate E2 5c. Still it left an imprint on my memory (and underpants!). Sunday's weather was suppossed to be poor but Bob and myself managed to follow Marty and his girls up Flying Buttress on Dinas Cromlech. A lovely route. Then it was back to Leeds, following a quick tea in Pete's Eats.

Photo of Route