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Date: 08/Nov/2005
Submitted by: rodders
Hi everyone, Went to the wall last night but was turned away because a group of farmers (nothing against farmers!) had just booked in until 10. Well I sent an email to the council via the website to complain about this ludicrous (and me thinks illegal!) rule that individual climbers cannot use the wall if there is a group in. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience(s)?. I have had many, indeed I regularly of found that the wall is booked all day on saturdays, so no one else can use it! I would like this raised at the AGM and if anyone has any views, please email me or email those ****ers at the council via the website. I would appreciate any support. I know Pete contacted the council before and got nowhere. But I think there is more of us now and we should keep fighting this. I think it is our responsibility to ensure the needs of local individual climbers are met. Perhaps the MCI can help?


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