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Fornicating Flies

Date: 21/11/05
Submitted by: Alan Tees
The weather being fair, two Colmcillers made their way to Malin, to find the north facing slabs soaking wet, despite many days of dry conditions. (Must remember not to go to a shaded crag after heavy frost)! Undeterred, despite starting late, they descended into the bowels of Uncle Monty, where LeClerc-Gigot belayed whilst the Ex-Prez (no, the one before that) roped up to tackle the soaring ramp of "Fornicating Flies" a test piece put up by climbing hero Pete Smith, whose recent retirement from competitive sport rocked the nation (and caused several mountain rescue teams to disband). Whilst the Ex-Ex Prez battled with the rock difficulties above, brave Bill was almost swept from his stance by the marauding seas and was, at the same time, under constant attack by voracious barnacles. Finally the XXp's ample behind disappeared over the top, where he belayed to a limpid, and dragged his saturated rope up, duly fishing LeClerc-Gigot out of his corner. Things went smoothly until, just below the top, LeClerc-Gigots Schoellar high performance sticky trousers became overheated and melded with the rock. Dont miss the second episode of "Fornicating Flies", same time next week

Photo of Route