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IBL and Gresham Slide show

Date: 3rd dec 2005
Submitted by: rodders

Hi all

I Was down "competing" at the IBL in DCU on saturday. It was great craic and the A's were won by the super talented Nigel Callender. Climbed OK but the problems were a bit reachy (not good for me then!)and technical and theres a lot of good climbers about at the minute. Haven't seen my result yet but I think someone cried of injured so hopefully shouldn't come last!

After in a city centre pub was a slideshow by Neil Gresham who was over running a masterclass in UCD. It was very entertaining and Neil ran through his 10 favourite routes,and his ascents of them, which included Indian face E9 6c at Cloggy and Equilibrium E10 in the Peak and numerous desperate Ice climbs and deep water solos, so real sweaty palm stuff. Like a lot of megastars He describes these routes in a modest and matter of fact way that makes you actually believe you can go out and climb E9!Although I later quizzed him on this and he assured me that climbing E9 was hard!

I bought one of his masterclass DVDS which Neil assured me would increase my level by 2 grades or I'd get a refund!I've watched parts of it and feel stronger already! Hopefully santa will bring me masterclas DVD no 2!

All in all very entertaining and motivating and a first class show by one of Britains best all round climbers.


Photo of Route