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Wet and Dirty Lights up Lough Barra

Date: 18th December 2005
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Bill, Alan & Margaret, Ronan, Marty and I attended the annual Wassail abseil. This year the action took place above Lough Barra on a day which started wet and dreary, but ended with the whole valley brightened by the Christmas cheer Bill had brought.

Abseiling from the highest point above Ben Cormac crag, we managed to find the steepest section of rock, so that we reached the ancient oak grove after a free-hanging descent. Once everyone was here, hot port was passed around and we sang a few carols while Bill decorated a tree with Christmas lights. Then we tied a second rope to the first and made our way to the valley floor, reaching level ground about 500 feet below the belay points. The photo shows the Christmas lights (not so prominent in the prevailing bright sunlight as they were when the twilight arrived)

Returning to the car park, we were able to munch our sandwiches bathed in the eerie blue glow of our festive tree. Lovely!

Photo of Route