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The Interesting Case of the Vanishing Car Keys and Bewitched Rope.

Date: 27/12/05
Submitted by: Alan Tees
As we all know, our beloved ex secretary has retired, and among his last acts were to bequeath me his rope (Cos I am very sore on ropes) and Bill his last nut (I dont know why, use your imagination)!

Anyway I took the rope out for an afternoon's outing on Malin Head with PC, and guess what? My car keys disappeared without trace! Of course my mobile was in the car, and Peter's had no credit, but he was, however, able to receive calls from the distressed Neatog, telling that Harbaitdh was very sick and WTF was he? It being dark, bloody freezing and my fleece and jacket being in the car, we had no choice but to set off for the nearest hostelry some 4-5 miles away, and ring for help. Anyway, we hadn't gone far, (about 200 metres) and we met a car on the track which we flagged down, and the occupant invited us in to the second last house in the world, to use his phone. Having only managed to get our answerphone at home, our host enquired as to where rescue was likely to come from. I told him Culdaff/ Bunagee and he replied with the comment " Ah, at last I get to meet the famous Mr. Tees" If you dont believe me ask Peter! Unknown to me, our prospective rescue party was in the jacuzzi at Ballyliffin Lodge.

Anyway, we got a lift to the Cross roads Bar, and word finally reached us that the Inishowen version of the Ogwen Rescue Team were on their way at 6.00 PM. All ended well, but I have to wonder about Petes rope. Was it with him on Tryfan, The Poisoned Glen Dunmore Head etc etc. Maybe it had been used to hang a witch in an earlier life!

Photo of Route