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Date: 21/04- 23/04/06
Submitted by: Alan Tees

A group of hardy campers set off for Gola in sparkling sunshine, to join another group who were already there, cowering in  luxury accommodation downtown.   Camp was duly set up beside the lake, kids dug in the sand, adults opened wine bottles, whilst the dedicated two (Nicola & self) went climbing.  I led "Run of the Arrow" and then suggested that Nicola lead a nice VS4c called "An Cois Farraige"  She had one or two problems, but got up it.  I had a hell of a lot more problems, and just about managed to second it.  Must remember to read the guide book more thoroughly in future!  Donna appeared, and she & Nicola went off to climb "Maid of Gola" while I retired have a bar b que and nurse my bleeding hands.

Saturday was wet from 12.00 to 7.00, a pity for Andrew & Linda who got soaked arriving, and the rest of us, whp got soaked moving our tents to a more sheltered location, after one of the Monaghan Marquees broke a pole in the Gale force six.

At seven the weather cleared and we had another Barby/campfire/sing song.  By this tine Al and Julie had arrived.

Sunday was glorious, but big seas swept the rocks and we decided yo climb on the inland wall.  We (mainly Nicola and Andrew) top roped four routes, 2 E1s an HVS and a VS, as time was short before our boat at 2.00PM.  Great weekend (Bill). Cold and wet?-Never!

Photo of Route