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Climbfest 2006

Date: 29th-30th April 2006
Submitted by: Rodders

Once again the Culdaff Climbfest was a big success with over 100 climbers attending over the course of the weekend. This is my account of the tale.

Julie and myself arrived on saturday afternoon just in time to see the irrepressible Jason Frazier battle his way up shining cossack HVS 5a, taking 2 or 3 falls in the process ("ah me gonads!", proclaimed Jason to concerned onlookers). A brave first lead of the year, but sadly for Fraziers watching fan club he had to rush of for tea with his lady friend and wasn't to be seen for the rest of the weekend.The soon to be departing Donna Ryan ably followed putting all her secret climbing wall training to good use.

Inspired I quickly led Diversion HS, followed by Julie.

Feeling strong I then decided to wow the watching crowds by climbing something harder. Having climbed the wurlitzer the previous week, and knowing the waltzing block had moved slightly thus making a crucial fingerlock less effective i decided to give that a miss as success could not be garanteed, I thus turned my attention to 10cc. This turned out to be not such a great idea as after standing around in the cold wind chatting to Pete and frazier about climbing, work, life, homosexial gypsies etc. I had cooled down and quickly pumped out 2/3s of the way up. With blood gushing from my finger (due to cutting my finger on a coat peg @ work), I decided to lower off rather than face the bold and commiting run out to the top in my depleted state. Thank fully not to many were around to witness this pitiful site. 

Disheartened, I decided to retrieve my gear and retreat to macgrorys for some guiness and beer. Thankfully, after taping up my finger, I decided to give it another go and this time feeling better promptly cruised to the top, though not without the usually knee trembler as I snatched blindly around the arete for the finishing holds.

Donna and Julie climbed Pea pod and julie and myself retreated to bunagee to set up camp. Most of the evening was spent in Macrorys chatting to old friends and visiting climbers. Good craic was had.

Sunday morning was spent gazing in awe at Paul Dunlop's slideshow on his experiences on the 1998 K2 expedition. Inspiring stuff and told in Pauls modest way, but I don't think anyone who was there was in any doubt that they were in the presence of greatness. 

After some coffee and chatting and much to my reluctance (you don't argue with Paul dunlop and donna ryan), due to the gloomy weather and laziness, we headed to Kinnago bay. I managed to tremble my way up Forked Lightning, followed by damian, before we all had to retreat from the rain. I was of course very disappointed as I'd promised pete Id do Austins window for some photos! Pete has described Pete and Georges impressive feats in his report so I'll just say I won't be challanging them to any arm wresting contests in the near future!

Well that was pretty much it. It was a great event again, well organised by Alan, with a lot of local climbers putting in time belaying and guiding the visiting climbers, who all seemed to enjoy themselves on the rock and in the pub . Roll on 2007. 

Photo of Route