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Another report form the Climbfest

Date: 29th-30th April 2006
Submitted by: George Carleton

I was not sure what to expect from the climbfest coming down early on Saturday morning. I drove to Dunmore Head expecting to see a few climbers at this popular crag. Not a soul in sight. I then drove around to Bunnagee and was confronted with a tent city but not much activity as yet. Climbers don’t seem to be early risers generally speaking. It didn’t take long for things to get going though and the crags were soon crawling with folk.

I teamed up with Peter McConnell and started by making good use of the top ropes Marty put up in the bay near the campsite. We led a few climbs on the Himalayan wall then moved to Dunmore Head, led a few more, here Rodney kindly top roped Peter and me on Ten CC which I really enjoyed.

The highlights for me came on the Sunday, firstly the slide show by Paul Dunlop then watching Peter bolt up Red Duster, a very bold and impressive bit of climbing.

I really enjoyed my two days at the Climbfest and appreciated the effort more selfless others than myself put into making it work and I am sure it will only get bigger and better as the years go by.

Photo of Route