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Old Hands (Make Light Work).

Date: 7/05/06
Submitted by: Alan Tees

NWMC member Tony Smith (who was climbing long before any of us) expressed an interest in coming out with the Colmcillers, to watch (but he made the mistake of bringing his PAs).  If you want to know what PAs are, ask your granda, or Bill. The aforementioned LeClerc-Gigot, Maggs and self took him over to SRS Slab, which he climbed with aplomb (after the initial excuse of having no harness was overcome).

We then did 2 new routes, "Terscullion", the arete left of Ivy Slalom, Diff 4a. AT, BM, TS, GT. Colmcillers were by this stage arriving by the score, PC, Geoff, Rodders, Julie, Donna, and we did another new diff "Big Bockan Crack" (Easy off width and corner above) AT & BM, the others having been put off by the size and number of the earthworms on the last route. Feb Freeze Up, Fruits of Ones Labours, Black Perception, and Ivy Slalom, were all climbed before the party moved to Malin Head.

I finally got up "South Utsire" HVS 4c  40m. a new route, (surprisingly beside North Utsire), using 2 knots on the abseil rope for runners on the unprotected upper section, ably followed by Bill.  Geoff PC & Donna were still climbing in the sun over beside "Help the Aged" when we left at 6.30.  Beautiful day.


Photo of Route