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Barnesmore Gap Club Outing

Date: 10th May 2006
Submitted by: Pete Smith

A fine dry day was enjoyed so conditions were perfect for a midge-free night at Barnesmore Gap. I went to the lay-by at 5.30pm and no one turned up so I went to the fallback rendez-vous at Burt Chapel and met Donna. Next we drove to Kernan's garage to pick up Emmett and off we went. On arrival at the crag, Chris and Patrick were already under steam and we met them at the toe of the rock.Patrick was a regular at the Letterkenny wall trips last winter, but Chris is a new climber - a big welcome to him (though he won't be a Colmciller for long as he's off to N. Wales soon).

Emmett's enthusiasm was a joy to behold; he wanted to do at least 2 routes even though it was already 7.30pm before climbing started. He set off up Jeepers Sleepers HS, with Patrick belaying, and Donna went for Locomotion with Chris. I took my camera and performed a supervisory role.

It wasn't long before I was required for greater things: Donna discovered that Chris had never belayed before and twin ropes were a mystery in the extreme. I built a makeshift rope harness and belayed Donna as she disappeared over the bulge in the rock, not to be seen again (by me) until I managed to get free and walk about again. The route was mucky and she eventually lost it altogether, requiring a safety line to be dropped down so that she could climb out.

Emmett, meantime, had discovered that a 30m route at Barnesmore can take a full 50m rope - one might almost think that the route was 50m long! Dreams of a second climb faded with the sunlight and it was almost dark before we set off to the cars.

PS. The photo left shows Emmett on Jeepers Sleepers with Patrick belaying. Donna in red and Chris in the corner.

Photo of Route