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Two Tough Men go to Warm Bay

Date: 2nd June 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Bill LeClerc-Gigot and I went to Warm Bay to meet Peter Cooper, Marlene and Dave for an evening's crack and climbing. In spite of rain falling slowly, but steadily, for the entire journey from Derry, we motored on resolutely, imperturbably and hard-as-granitely. Even though Pete, Dave and Marlene were not there when we arrived at the parking space, we soldiered on down to the crag, through the rain, in stoic, heroic and granitic silence.

When we got to the rock we were wet and the midges came out in big black clouds. We withstood their onslaughts with grim-faced fortitude though they bit and chewed with vigour, rigour and much persistence. It did not occur to us to head homewards because we knew that Pete, Dave and Marlene would soon arrive and that they would want to climb a few rain-improved routes.

"Bad night for it," said Bill; his first words since leaving the car.

"If you're going to jabber like an old woman," I answered him, "maybe you should find one to climb with."

We lapsed back into a tight-lipped silence and completed the night's quota of routes before trekking back to the car and driving home through the worsening rain.

Dave, Marlene and Pete never did turn up. I sometimes wonder if they really know what fun climbing can be: the great outdoors; the companionship; the raw excitement; the athleticism.

Photo of Route