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Sea Area Malin Traversed

Date: 25/05/06
Submitted by: Peter Cooper & Brian Wing
An attempt to get across to the big stook was abandoned, due to a high sea; despite very low water. As it was Brian's birthday the next day we decided to make a sea-level traverse of the zawn. Plenty of thin moves on slabs in big boots gave us plenty of adventure. To escape the end of the zawn cave we had to remove footwear and trousers and wade out way out: our excuse and we're sticking with it. An attempt at the Alpine-style ridge, done by the N.W.Mountaineers in the 1950's, was attempted and sensibly abandoned. The ridge is a rotten, tottering collection of choss, with exposure way beyond it's worth. I guess they didn't do it in boots and soggy underpants, but you never know. Brian confessed he didn't know you could have so much fun with your underpants on! I knew time had come to put my trousers back on!!! Happy Birthday Brian.

Photo of Route