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Aughris Head & Sligo

Date: 27th 28th May.
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Margaret and self went down to Sligo with Pamela Jane and the kids to renew friendships we had made with Valli, Glen & Aine at the climbfest (and check out rumours of climbing and a beach bar with campsite on the lawn) and to go somewhere different.  Took a walk around Aughris Head on Saturday afternoon, but climbing was not an option with big seas sweeping the cliffs.  Lots of solid steep rock, but not so many ledges at the bottom, and calm weather would be a must.  Few drinks on Saturday night.  Martin and Mary appeared breifly, but he had a walk on Sunday so they did not stay long, and Phil and Lisa turned up to see Donna, and then Bill appeared having left Portstewart at 6.00 PM, and he led us all astray.  Slow start on Sunday due to excess enthusiasm the previous night.  Valli took Bill & self to the crag behind her house, which is simply superb, and was never climbed on before.  I cleaned and climbed a big corner, followed by Bill, Valli & Aine (Colmcille Corner 40M HS 4b), and Bill found his way up the cliff about 3M to its right on a top rope, as any holds are tiny and gear pretty non existant (followed by Me 'n Valli).  Happy Valli Wall 40M E1/2 Great climbing tho'  Lots of other possible routes there.  Decided to call the cliff "Happy Valli Crag"  Lovely situation, recommend it! Tea in Valli's cottage and back.

Photo of Route