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Another Scottish Trip

Date: May-June 2006
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin

 Myself and me bro Noel made it back to Scotland for our usual annual dander. Day 1 - tried Agag's Groove but Gales, Snow and Hailstones made me retreat from the 1st Pitch. I did not fancy a high perch in such conditions so we crossed over to Curved Ridge. We finished it lovely sunshine.

Day 2: Up early in Skye and up Pinnacle Ridge - Brilliant. The 3rd Pinnacle lives up to its reputation. However, who ever said that the descent from Knight's peak was straighforward needs their head examined. We had a brilliant abseil from it before the main peak of Sgurr nan Gilean.

Day 3: The Coire Lagan Round in brilliant sunshine and then into cloud and rain for the traverse over Harte's Ledge.

Day 4: Climbed up to the left of Waterpipe Gully to just below Bidean Drum na Rath.

Woke up the next morning to find that there was a fire in MacTavishes Kitchen and the climbing shop next door. Other than that, an excellent few days.

Photo of Route