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Climbs and Grades

Date: 11/06/06
Submitted by: Peter Cooper

Donna notes that there are some rather fine climbs are in the Sea Area Malin part of Malin Head and I would recommend them to anyone. Grades are subjective and will be subject to the opinion of other leaders of these routes, I've always maintained it's down to a consensus of opinion (it's why we have an on-line guide); but feel the grades I've given these routes are 'about right'. I would not like to think of myself as an under-grader nor a sandbagger. The routes on the Slabby Face have been a mix of on-sight and abseil inspection to check for any gear (not top-roping, though I recommend top-roping them if your'e not confident at the grade: I'm not precious about your style if it you enjoy and improve your'e climbing).

Sea Area Malin has been the subject of some happy new-routing and Sunday didn't disapoint. After a further night of beating-the-burning-bush a tired bog-fire fighter, Brian Wingham, and myself had an afternoon out at Sea Area Malin and produced some nice new routes. Brian has a route on the swedish Slab (to be named) and a very nice new route to the right of Pete Smith's 'Help the Aged'. I managed to get my 1st two falls of the season on one route, (which is a possible E2 5c, details to follow) over on The Slabby Face and climbed a new-line left of Brian's and right of 'Help the Aged'

Photo of Route