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Greystone Rib etc

Date: Sunday 11th June
Submitted by: AlanTees
I was always taken by this fin of rock in the Poisoned Glen, separated from "The Castle" by "Green Grass Gully" and first climbed by the Drasdos in the early fifties, and a dry windy day in June seemed a good opportunity to have a look at it. It is graded "severe" but I have never met anyone who claims to have been on it. The reader will not be surprised to learn that it is undergraded, and the considerable amount of abandoned gear on the upper pitch, would seem to bear this out! A amended route description is now in the on line guide, but it is definately worth doing at about HS 4b.  Bill then led the first pitch of Rafiki, before I bottled out on the crux move on the second pitch.  Didnt like it. Dirty, dusty and very committing. Should have done it tho!  I know, blame the hay fever.

Photo of Route