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Marty at Stanage

Date: 04 06 06
Submitted by: Martin Mc Guigan

Marty and Aoife took a day off work in Manchaster to go and see what this grit stone was like. Stanage Edge runs for 4 KM  but a lot of that is not worth looking at. I was surprised at the height of it; mostly from 10 to 25 metres.  But the Grit stone is very nice to the touch. We wandered along about 2KM and it looks like a climbers playground. Good parking , easy access and all the routes you would want.

Aoife had no gear so I soloed about six routes of VD to S  on The Grotto Slab.

The sun hits it most of the day and that attracts BIG crowds of climbers.

I will be back.

Photo of Route