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Happy Valli Drill

Date: 27th July 2006
Submitted by: Bill LeClerc-Gigot

Thursday found me in Sligo along with Valli. A day of overcoming challenges and getting through drills like they were disposable as we attempted to provide suitable belays at the top of Happy Valli Crag. We eventually succeeded with the third drill, having broken two others. We also had a generator, step down transformer and enough equipment to build a small shopping centre. Note new form of mountain gear transport - very effective over rough terrain with one pushing and one pulling. This is the B & Q version (~£20): I am waiting, naturally, for the Petzl Charlet model at around £300 or I may wait for the Black Diamond at around £450.

Anyway, crag is now suitably equipped with belay points and we had a stab at the amazing crack line to the left of Alan's "Colmcille Corner"-on a top rope, I hasten to add. It's a great line but way to hard for me - about E1, 5b I reckon. There are lots of other good lines going begging here, so a Colmcille trip to this crag is thoroughly recommended, especially as Valli has prepared an excellent campsite!

Photo of Route