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The Gola Weekend (and Anthonys first VS lead)

Date: 5th - 7th August
Submitted by: Gaby

It was an early start on the morning of the 5th, 4.50am to be precise and Sonya (my friend from Meath) and I were led to believe that there would only be two boats heading across to Gola in the morning.  After a slight detour due to us reading the directions wrongly we arrived at the pier ready for the off.  There were already a fair few waiting on the boat which was ferrying the first lot of avid climbers across.  I was lucky enough to be with the boat full of people who had their bags shipped to the campsite courtesy of Jimmy the boatmans tractor (with him driving it of course).  The only downside of course was having to carry all the stuff back for te return journey.

Anyway, the campste was how I'd heard, beautiful....just by the beach and the lake.  Ahhh so peaceful - well it was until we all arrived anyway.  With the tent pitched we headed off to the cliffs and got a few routes in.  Thankfully the rain stayed away and I didn't come across any midges so it all made for a pleasant days climbing.


That evening on returning to the campsite I bumped into Anthony who I'd never met but I did recognise him courtesy of the photos on the website.  I already knew Niall who's brought his friend Alex so by nightfall we had a cosy little group drinking and chatting.  I'm afraid I was a fader and in my sleeping bag by midnight in comparison to Niall the party animal and even though the heavens were chucking it down a great night was had by all.


With the long drive ahead of us on Sunday Sonya and I only had time for one climb and what a climb it was.  Anthony led his first VS!  We did weathered window on the inland crag.....a fun route though if you're like me and only 5ft tall it does involve a little hauling lol.  


If you haven't been to Gola it's certainly worth the trip - I can't wait to go back! 


P.S. Anthony was right about the skin, I'm still covered in scrapes :( 

Photo of Route